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Discover Why 9 out of 10 Worldwide Exchanges Choose Solarflare

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 2, 2016 10:20:00 AM / by Ciara McCarthy

Ciara McCarthy

Solarflare is the world leader in the Financial Services market, with 99% of all transactions touching a Solarflare adapter at one point in their journey. 9 out of 10 worldwide exchanges have chosen Solarflare along with all of the top commercial banks, trading firms, and hedge funds globally.

But I'm not in Financial Services, Why Should I Care?

Because it started out in the Financial Services Market, a highly demanding customer base, Solarflare has perfected application acceleration. Their I/O server adapters offer the lowest latency, highest bandwidth and performance solution on the market. These features, along with network monitoring, securing mission critical data and precision time stamping now appeals to and is winning large customers in the Data Center, Cloud, HPC, CDN, Server Virtualization, and Media & Entertainment markets.

CloudFlare, MIAX Options, Deutsche Börse Group, CERN, the NSA, MTV, Johns Hopkins, BP and Maxx Digital are just some of the companies who've benefitted from Solarflare's solutions.

When we were thinking about which technologies to deploy for our new trading platform, we took a lot of gear into our lab to benchmark performance. Obviously, choosing Solarflare means that we were very delighted with the performance we saw there.

Dr. Wolfgang Eholzer

Director – Head of Section Trading System Design
Eurex Frankfurt AG / Deutsche Börse Group

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